The Hateful Eight (2015) – The Boring “Blood sabath”

When Jesus statue was covered by snow andĀ appears in the first scene of the “hateful eight”, many will remember the boundless space of Fargo, the movie “Black” classic sculpted by hand Coens Brothers 1996. There are more reasons for us to believe that this movie’s 8th Quentin – was introduced very clearly the first line – will be very similar to Fargo. Not in the plot, which is in the spirit: for the anomalies of fate when setting out the grip of the law, and both God.

At least that’s what I think of when watching the trailer quite attractive, as well as the first minutes of hateful suggestive Eight. Because everything starts from the accident. A bounty hunter black man called Colonel Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) of hitchhiking “hanged man” John Ruth (Kurt Russell), a bounty hunter others. Ruth was extradited murderer hunted women Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to the town of Red Rock to payments. He has a habit of keeping the victim alive to witness the executions, the reason for his fearsome nickname.

Between the lines, the two clashed again at of the other guy is Chris Mannix, claiming to be the new Sheriff of Red Rock. Can not abandon people will sign their payments, Ruth had to to him in the car. Due to the snow storm, they stop at “Mindy Sewing Shop”, where four others were waiting. It was Bob (Demian Bichir), claiming to be the new employee of the restaurant, the hostess announced that he was gone and he will take charge of everything. “The executions” Mobray (Tim Roth), who worked as press gallows in the town. He likes writing Joe Gage (Michael Madsen) on the way home the Christmas holiday. Finally retired generals Smithers (Bruce Den), aged just sit by the fireplace.

Of the hateful eight situations quite similar to a famous film Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs in 1992. If the issue of gangs in Dogs is to find police infiltrated hand, then with hateful Eight, as he co Domergue gang. Ruth said as a nail in a column that at least 8 people were named in five bared kill all to have a chance, to save her. This is the preferred style of Quentin situations: a small narrow context with many interesting things (coffee, dining table …); those freakish personality, goals and interests confront each other (rescue, bonus …); and of course, racial enmity is represented by a solid black man killing. Those who are familiar with Quentin will know awaits them, is the entrance division featured episodic, long-winded dialogue, violence and gore monitor meat “entertainment”.

Could say I was a fan of Quentin Tarantino, if the definition of fan favorite is always the work of the idol. I’ve never been disappointed with any of his films ever seen, whether as a director (much) or writer (True Romance is one of my favorite movies, so Tony Scott directing). Despite complaints about the violence and the impatient – a few friends I can not see his movies, because virtually all of the tragic death of good character – I always love to enjoy the prospect of Western integration music with liberal and psychological tortures before breaking at the height of violence, and using bold master detail personal brand.

Eight hateful, very regrettably, will be the first film outside of them. And this is proof that even the best fiend will also sometimes failed to hold performances. With Quentin, which is number 8.

Failure of this film lies in two basics. One is the repetition of motifs ever had, though located in very favorable conditions, but expressed weaker workmanship Quentin Tarantino. I do not know if it was because psychological factors, caused by the exposure scenario in 2012 or not. When he was so angry he did not want to make the film, but then convinced by Samuel L. Jackson and the other actors. Easy to see especially in the strength that made his name, voice part. Never had I seen a movie voice Quentin exhausted in so much: too much “dead voice” to introduce the characters and even, to use all reasonable narrative to explain the lack of the plot – something very elementary . It makes the story line becomes weak and unconvincing.

Crowded scene in the movie was supposed to exploit the advantages of building the character of Quentin, turned out the opposite. The truth is that he has failed to make a solid substrate to anyone in 8 wicked people. We hear that Ruth was “hanging man” a lot of times, but if we care? A character can not be shaped only by narrative, or praise, or fear, from the other guys. He only exists in action. And Ruth left the game as soon as the viewer is not known who he is. He martial at a certain point? There is nothing noble in action hanged man’s victims? We have no clue to know. Same as the other characters, with the appearance and first impression is quite interesting, though not leave a significant impression, when everything happens so fast. Quentin tried to compensate with inverted structure once very successful time in Pulp Fiction (1994), but not enough. Once until Chapter 5 still appear new characters, which brings not excited but tired. The loose in storytelling led to the psychological loose, evidently. Even odd, and not “odd” good direction.

As the party went to the main course is the gunfight screen, we realize the wonder and disappointment at the same time, that the film “entertainment” like Quentin gore ever made still difficult how . We recognize, innovative efforts in filling the frame with blood, flesh, by the disgusting beyond ethical limits, will also become irrelevant if the construction lacks long climax meticulously previous term. Eight of the hateful violence does not “have” because of several factors, most importantly Quentin could not have created tension in psychology, which he used to do very well. The atmosphere before, during and after the shooting screen does not freeze, do not make us suffocate or suspense. Part in the establishment of the unbalanced situation, how we thrilled to four healthy guy against unarmed people? Or one party and one party does not take up arms? Or a veteran bounty hunter guy and an old man? Also, a little hard to believe that hateful Eight went shortage right quality music, even by veteran composer Ennio Morricone Far West line charge. There are very few properties “entertainment” here.

But that’s not the worst thing in this film. The worst and second fundamental, is the black screen pops up, I do not know what it’s talking about. Eight hateful turned out not depicting God playing dice down as Fargo. It also does not go deep into the ethnic conflict in the Civil War, though quite interesting awakened by the division of that line. Lots of cool stuff like justice, crime is uttered, but does not seem to shape up for the character, but to build the stage for the killings. And of course not about revenge. Eight hateful film just a cold, such as snow storms swept through the region of Wyoming, and a lack of people. There is no footage showing human emotions or human nature. And if not humanity as titles “hateful” warned, I would enjoy if appearing a different moral framework as Colonel Hans in Inglorious Basterd. What other characters have no attachment or love me, because there is no room for love: all workers are 8 wicked wicked and trivial. I did not make any mercy or pity when they die. Even Domergue, his role was supposed to be the most complex worth watching, though expressed by Jennifer Jason Leigh pretty good. How to love a movie if the characters do not love that?

It is often be difficult to determine immediately what is a good film, or excellent. Will take time. As Pulp Fiction and True Romance, long after the first views and get a better grade cinema, I understand and love them. But it is easy to know what is a bad film or non-gu, is when it ends and without the urge that makes us want to see it again. The hateful eight is Quentin Tarantino’s first film I do not want to see the second time.

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