OTT platforms and opportunities for the film industry

Under pressure from the rapid development of online entertainment platforms, Vietnamese filmmakers realize that they not only compete with works in the same theater, but also have to confront works produced in the form of movies. “original series” belongs to the OTT platform.

To be able to “turn on” requires filmmakers to be constantly creative from both content to form. To do that, from the filmmaker’s point of view, it is necessary to have effective cooperation and support from regulations in classification, management and censorship.

Director Tanny Huu shared that since the Amendment of the Law on Cinema has created opportunities for more audiences to come in closer contact with cinema: “I think the mindset of search and development in cinema is evident through these films. changes in the Law on Cinema 2022. For example, we have more Appraisal Councils, and at the same time allow localities to organize film festivals, including international film festivals.”

Agreeing with this point of view, director Francist Ha added: “Since 2014, I feel that my censorship board has become better and easier to update, easier, and later, many regulations have been expanded freely. more roof. In fact, abroad, he saw many films labeled 23+, not just 18+. This varies from place to place.”

On the other hand, this is also an opportunity for filmmakers, especially young filmmakers. The most noticeable thing is that they have a lot of space to try and develop their talents. At the same time, cinematic works also have an extra place to promote in cyberspace.

Recently, especially 2 years after the COVID-19 epidemic, people’s demand for Video on Demand (VOD) is increasing day by day. VOD is a system that allows users to select and watch video content according to their personal preferences on many existing devices such as TVs, computers, tablets, phones,… via internet transmission.

Director-producer Francist Ha recognizes the fact that OTT platforms are gradually “invading” deeply into the audience’s entertainment life and posing many difficult “questions” for filmmakers.

“Looking at the fact that after the epidemic season, the number of people watching VOD and watching movies on the platform on demand has started to increase. This changed quite a lot of Vietnamese people’s concept of watching movies so far. Such platforms are also a challenge for movie makers like us because we have to bring more new things to the cinema. But at the same time, it also opens up many opportunities for new film genres for creators and filmmakers to develop,” said director Francist Ha.

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