Review a complete scenario with just one questionnaire

This review questionnaire is used when you have completed your script and want to review the script development steps for evaluation or editing. Find out at

Can you summarize the story in a paragraph of no more than 3 sentences?

Is your premise attractive?

Can you navigate the genre of the movie you are writing? High concept or low concept? Hollywood or small company? Can you identify the category?


Is there a main dramatic problem?

Is there a character with a strong, clear and authentic goal?

Does the main character face many obstacles? Both objective and subjective, external and internal?

The story has 3 episodes, right? Is the 3-part division balanced?

Does the story have unexpected details? Are there plot points 1 (page 30), mid points (page 55), plot point 2 (page 75) and climax (page 110)?

Are events in the story connected in a way that causes or affects?

Are you leading the way into the story quickly and effectively?

Is the conflict of the story enough to sustain Episode 2? Has conflict increased? Is the way you develop conflict effective?

Does your story change dynamically between high-concept and low-concept?

Is the climax of the story strong enough? Will the main character take the last important action to combat the biggest obstacle? Did that lead to the most dramatic issue for the film?

Do you have a good reason to circumvent or break the standard “rules” of the plot?


Is your main character active? Does he / she change inner / mature according to the plot?

Are there important and interesting characters in the story? Are the supporting characters interesting?

Is the number of your characters suitable? Too much? Or too little? Do you arrange the character harmoniously and appropriately?

Do all of your characters desire?

Do the important characters in the story have contrast features that make them complicated?

Do you understand your character well enough?

Did the name you give your character fit?

Do you show your character through action?

Scenario page: Is your

script structure right?

Do your descriptions only show what you can see and hear? Is the description clear and vivid?

Did you find enough compelling reasons?

Does your description work? Is it fluent? Does it feel good to read? Do you use strong verbs?


Are scenes from the movie relevant? Is there a contradiction? Is there a beginning, middle and end?

Do you use enough chain events?

You express, not retelling? Do you use strong images?

Did you arrange the scenes appropriately?

Do your scenes include subtopics?

Are the scenes sufficiently focused? Are you in the late scene, leaving early?

Is your transition effective? Is there a “gap” between the scenes?

Are your scenes suitable? Is it placed in the right position?


Are your conversations natural but right in the middle of it?

Are your characters different and suitable for themselves?

Can your dialogues be improved by using subtopics?

Do you have actions and images that support (or replace) the conversation?

Did you leave the opening in the right place? Does it feel natural?


Do you have one or more sub-stories?

Does your secondary story support the story through characters, storylines, or themes?

Does your storyline have a beginning, middle and end?

Does your secondary plot work well with the main story?

Do you have too many side stories? Is there any overshadowing of the main story?

Tone / Topic:

Do you focus the overall spirit of the story? Do you communicate that spirit consistently and are you cool?

Did you define the story topic?

Can you show the topic, not recount it?


Do you view and review the story objectively?

Are you considering reimagining the story?

Did you scrutinize in detail all the important details in the story (through a magnifying glass)?

The above is an almost complete list for surveying or assessing whether a movie scenario is worth it or not. Thanks for visiting to share a lot of knowledge about Filmmaking …

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