Minion (2015) – Fun for kids only!

Minion is one of the factors contributing to the huge success of Despicable, in both parts of the film. Initially only a minor character added to help Georgia, in the film’s bad guy, easy-going and should be more sympathetic. But then, the lovely wedding unique aides was quickly fever worldwide, besting even the main character. Part 2 of the movie in 2013, which has a much weaker story, but spend a lot of land for Minion, has grossed 970 million dollars to the box office. This is the film’s most profitable work history of Universal.

Therefore, there is no reason for them to refuse to release a movie focused entirely on this popular cloud creature.

But, like the other series you start to focus on commercial properties, will not have the strength to maintain quality. The first part is a surprisingly good movie, just neat, creative humor, just get emotional substance deposition. Sang to part 2 has begun anonymous question and distract visitors about the content. Minions are not actually part 3, which is a foreign story to “make more” after fans unexpected effects. Do not bring it with me promising.

With children it is different. If the child was besotted with this group of aides, would have to have fun with the film. Pierre Coffin director gives us the fun right there in the short clip before. In the film, Kevin, Bob and Stuart sought to be New York in 1968. There, they happened to be “Villian-con” (evil’s Fair) and by assisting the female monster Scartlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock cage language). Our mission is to steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth in London, to be “officially” served the new employer.

The story in the film works as a background for facile humor childlike, and for the children of the Minions. Attached are a few performances and showy weapons pursuit silly. Coffin once said that the film will bring a little style of the 007, and indeed a bit in advertisement Overkill, but not last. I was a bit puzzled about the change of context from New York to London (possibly because more exciting London), and Coffin also hard to integrate some cultural details to enchant adults (The Beatles, demonstrations against war …) but generally is not very interesting.

Moments I find most interesting is the later Credit, when the character meets Georgia. Can easily see that, right Minions can not stand alone. Although we have adorable and fun to start, then when alone, they lacked attractiveness. Both films did not bring me any moments of comfort, so that Georgia appears everything is in place. Perhaps, there will be a great movie than to talk about Georgia and Minions childhood, instead of with a stranger fade Overkill. Usage soundtrack is also problematic, as lack of familiar soundtrack, while other tracks are not brought echoes of the 60s as Coffin has promised.

The only reason to go to the Minions, is when you have one or more children who want to laugh in the theater. Or you’re a 10-year-old child. And for those who want to have the emotions of the first part, or at least a decent story as in section 2, may be disappointed.

But does not mean that the Minions will fail at the box office, especially when widely adored and contagious good as today. In the 2015 summer movie season somewhat facile, touches the mold billion (part 2 has almost done) is probably feasible with Minions. But touch the hearts of the audience, probably not.

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