Lolita (1997) – The Blind Paradises

The novel Lolita (1955) is a novel that we probably do not need to say much everyone knows about the strength and height of it in the literature world. Many people said it was a strange work, a story told about the symptoms “pedophile” middle-aged man’s educated, but when viewed Lolita, is adapted from the novel by Adrian Lyne directed (1997 ), I thought it would work topics to go beyond that, beyond the barriers of prejudice that society built there, solidly and steadily. By a certain aspect, an aspect which I received from the screen – which can cause several deficiencies and progress than the original, it is a journey Lolita’s Humbert walk through time, trying to reach out to touch the illusion of youth. Perhaps for me, Humbert has really died at the age of 14, the age of his mark by ribbons of her dress had lost his girlfriend, Lolita’s age when he first saw you in pieces Ms. Charlotte Haze garden

In the film version of the 1962 film Lolita then (director Stanley Kubrick) and 1997 (Adrian Lyne directed) is widely considered the most welcome. However, I noticed shoulders literature professor from France Lolita Humbert more, because I think he was the main character in this game. And Jeremy Irons in the role of the 1997 version struck me more, outwardly calm, courteous demeanor of a doctorate, surrounded fear, trembling in front of Lolita (Dominique Swain) as a viewer not at times painful. It was not meant Humbert James Mason (1962) is not outstanding. Depending on the imagination in the process of building a character when reading the work, viewers will choose a Humbert for himself, and I – I choose Humbert of Jeremy Irons.

His Humbert as both a slave-owner’s mind, just as slaves to Lolita. Because of you, he accepted took Charlotte, Lolita’s mother to be close to you. Every day he recorded in the diary of emotional outpouring with her own children is puberty, waiting for her to hear footsteps from school every time. Every night, he crept through the room looking to see how you’re doing, the movement of the hips, chest, arms, legs when I’m dancing, as well as his disruptive happy. When Lolita summer camp, occasionally through my room to bury his head in her wardrobe, looking for warm flesh of a little girl bear code. Humbert’s eyes for an eye Lolita has affectionately, both longing and guilt also recently. As Lolita, he did not hesitate to switch his work, took you everywhere, from city to city, he is willing to children flea chewing gum mess everywhere, clothes, all socks, underwear thrown haphazardly, which is strange for a strict teacher like him. And it is because of the love Lolita, because you just want to possess, he objected to her being rehearsals with you, fear you will not be safe to leave his arms, he fears they will flee yourself with some pocket money for me every week that he … movies, Humbert aware that he was leaving the how, but I found he could not stop. Lolita challenged him several times, overdone mischief, disobedience to the requirements of education, he had slapped her, but then he was kneeling immediately apologized for swearing and would not like that anymore. That contradiction, it was blowing the fire source ruined him every day. Whenever beside Lolita, in the car or in the strange motel, discover my body puberty, angered me, soothed me, prostrate you, fear you … Humbert himself indulge in fantasies retrospective, for his lapse in the maze of tangled warren of guilt and pleasure.

In the film, I was particularly impressed Humbert scene after buying bananas for about Lolita, hunch about someone who has seduced me during his absence, he was sliding on top of me, kissing me hungrily, weeping MEU asked me who it is, looks extremely tragic and bureaucratic alluring, very poignant scene near the end … and, after 3 years of Lolita missing in the hospital, before he came home Clare Quilty final disposition of fate his, he visited Lolita, now married and pregnant, he was not out of sympathy. His little angel, his passion, his fears, now lives in a house on the outskirts humid outback. I ragged, are short of money, and extreme financial hardship deadlock with poor life, so I need you, I need you Humbert provide for little money. It is no longer his Lolita again, things have changed. His own, he probably does not want to face this move, so he must end. And before you go, again Humbert only see shapes Lolita, not a pregnant woman is holding the other, she appeared in the late neck shirt, shorts dynamic, they are spread out in the spotlight which he pursued all his life and live for it.

Is it something that Humbert afraid to lose Lolita is when he will have to permanently leave his 14-year-old memories? Or is that something else? There must be a reflection of the times he was living, a Europe with old techniques should be saved with a new fresh … The answer, I’m thinking about the answer necessarily be clarified or not?

Why fall in love with Lolita Humbert to like? That is what has happened, but we are hard to explain. Emotions for Lolita Humbert Is love not? Neck. But the desire to usurp and you then have the right of ownership is not guilty? Yes, it’s sinful. Humbert had fallen into a dangerous situation when struggling with extreme desire deep in his ego, can be awakened by a crash in the past time, it is a coma that he is well aware , but still can not escape.

Humbert’s life is a sad memories, lonely, less erudite glasses is both an eye waiting to be confessed and repented …

One other plus point of the film is the natural way of acting, her skittish Dominique Swain training. The director is known advantage of the beauty of her body puberty at age 17. She has lips x…xy and amorous eyes, white skin and smooth soul killed Humbert, Lolita Dominique has fond just cheeky fierce, easy to make people love and hate.

And footage of the bold retro movie, I like the image of the scene outside the motel door, Humbert and Lolita where stop on his journey. In addition, the film will not be complete without talking about the soundtrack because my idol – Ennio Morricone responsibility. The Lolita Love in the morning or sad in my arm like sunbeam coming off the end of the day, as it was the loneliness and solitude of Humbert as exists in this world.

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