What is interesting about Edinburgh

Today I will test a new way of writing, that is, I only play the role of a guide, and the photos will “tell the story”. The story of Edinburgh where I am living. It must be said that this is a strange city because no one of my friends has arrived here without being completely attracted. Thus, what is interesting about Edinburgh?

10:00 a.m.

We will start at 10 am at Calton Hill, a small hill in the heart of the city. Calton Hill is an ideal place for visitors to see the whole city, see the sea and the surrounding areas. Regardless of day or night, dawn or sunset, sun or rain or snow, Edinburgh is very beautiful, very “poetic” from the angle of view on the hill.

11:00 a.m.

From Calton Hill, visitors move down St Andrew Square surrounded by brand-name shopping buildings, luxury eateries, extravagant pubs, central bus stops, headquarters Scottish royal bank … This is the very vibrant community activity point of the city. If you’re lucky, you can listen to music performances, watch big screen movies, read books on chairs like on the beach, or enjoy contemporary (very confusing) artworks for free.

St Andrew square

Performing light at St Andrew’s Square

11:30 a.m.

From the western corner of the square toward the main crowded street of Princes, you can easily see a monumental monument. This is a memorandum of appreciation for Sir Walter Scott (in the UK, who has a lot of contributions to society is often conferred the title of “Sir”). He is a writer, poet, lawyer, politician but he is best known as a writer and poet with many outstanding works, including the Waverley novels that tell about history of Scotland. Later Waverley name was used to set the city center station.

12:00 noon

While walking while taking pictures in the memorial garden, we will head towards Edinburgh Castle. On the way you will meet a street with old buildings with a Scottish architectural style. One of these buildings is Edinburgh University’s New College.

A corner of Edinburgh

Being studied in an old school like this is a great thing

12:30 noon

Walking for a few hours on foot has begun to tire. Please rest and enjoy Haggis specialties at a restaurant right next to New College, for example Whiski Rooms. Haggis is shredded lamb stomach, chopped liver, heart, lungs, plus onions and some spices. After being boiled, people do not eat the stomach but only take the inner core with mashed potatoes and crushed radish. The dish has a characteristic stewed sheep flavor, but when used with a whiskey sauce or a pure whiskey will definitely drown the smell and taste.

1:30 noon

Walking for about 5 minutes you will reach Edinburgh Castle. Admission is £ 16.50. There is nothing really unique inside the castle so I think this price is not worthy. If you want, you can take some kind of commemorative photo in front of the castle door.

2:00 noon

From the castle you walk along the Royal Mile, the longest tourist street in the city. The Royal Mile is one mile long, one is Edinburgh Castle, the other is Holyrood Castle. In the middle of the ancient paved streets of the Royal Mile is St. Mary’s Cathedral. Giles, quite nice but not as impressive as many of the churches I’ve visited. Around the church there are two famous statues of Adam Smith, who is considered the father of David Hume’s brilliant economics and philosopher. If you notice you will see the shiny David Hume’s toes because visitors are constantly touching with the desire to be as intelligent and brilliant as him.

St Giles Cathedral

Holyrood Castle

2:30 noon

In the middle of the old town is a café called The Elephant House. This is where writer J. K. Rowling used to write to Harry Potter.

3:00 noon

About 200 meters from The Elephant House is the national museum. On the side of the museum there is a dog statue of Bobby being stopped by many tourists and taking pictures. Behind the statue is a humanistic story. Bobby’s employer used to work for the Edinburgh police department. After his death, Bobby spent the rest of his 14-year life guarding his master’s grave. Later, Booby was buried in the graveyard near the statue, with the inscription: “let his loyalty & devotion be a lesson to us all”.

3:30 noon

From where the Booby statue goes, Chambers Street will go to Old College, which is charming and ancient. Currently the University of Edinburgh law faculty is located here.

4:00 noon

You ask the roadman to Arthur’s Seat. This is the highest place in the city. On the occasion of May, June gorse (gorse) is fragrant like the smell of coconut water, blooming golden on the beautiful mountainside. Also, watching the sunset gradually drop on the top of the mountain is extremely wonderful.

Edinburgh view from Arthur’s seat

7:00 pm

Don’t know if you like Korean food? If so, Andamiro is an extremely delicious, tonic, cheap, and quite Korean place (it was said that it was an Italian café, which was changed in the past but the name remains the same).

9:00 pm

From Andamiro you walk about 15 minutes to get less to the Jazz Bar right next to Old College. This is my favorite place, small but full of great artists. Don’t forget to make a glass of whiskey, because you’re in Scotland!

11:00 pm

Returning to home, taking a bath and taking a really good sleep.

The journey must move a lot, watch the rush of the main tourist destinations in the style of ” to watch flowers while riding on horseback”. If you have time, you should spend at least 1-2 days in Edinburgh. The city has many things worth watching.

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