One day in Verona…

Unlike many of my peers, I belongs to classic type because I don’t like to listen to foreign music, I don’t like watching movies except blockbuster movies or classic songs that go along with the years. Thus, if being asked if this u-pa or another who has just released such a disc, or which song is at the top of the US chart, for example, I will definitely be blind. In short, about music and cinema I support the trend of “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods”.

But since I went to study abroad, I changed my stature, started practicing to watch foreign movies more (especially foreign music is still blind). This new habit was originally formed from a very simple reason: the television does not show our movie. A lot of movies were aired by Sky Movies, new to Tay Tau, so I found that the name of a movie that is familiar, interesting or calling for me to choose. Later there was one more noble reason than improving my English “chicken” listening level. For me, the language of communication on movies is hard to swallow. When “puncturing” is considered proficient in listening skills. So, watching Western movies is both learning and playing, a very interesting job.

I remember it was a Friday night so I let myself lazy lounging on the living room sofa watching television. After 5 minutes of changing dozens of channels, I chose “Letters to Juliet” because the title sounded quite attractive. A thread-like suburban street winds through the olive fields, through vast fields of grapes in the golden sun in summer, followed by beautiful landscapes that slowly appear in the melody. The soundtrack of the Italian soundtrack is extremely wonderful. The film is romantic and romantic, the content has nothing to break but the scenes are quite subtle, depicting the ancient and gentle beauty of Verona. As a movie and travel lover, I believe that “Letters to Juliet” is not a bad choice.

Verona is located in northern of Italy, about 110 km from Venice. So, whoever intends to visit the famous tourist city of Venice should spend an extra day or two exploring Verona. Anyone who hasn’t been here yet wanders for a few minutes with the Days in Europe.

10:00 am

Journey begins at the central station Verona Porta Nuova. From here you can walk 20 minutes or a 5-minute bus to the Verona arena (Verona Arena). With healthy young men and women, I encourage walking for a few reasons: saving, exercising and watching (adding selfie) on the Corsa Porta Nuova Boulevard with many lovely Italian architectural buildings.

10:30 am

You are standing in front of Verona arena, the most visited tourist attraction in the city. I have been to Verona many times (due to my previous doctoral friend at Verona University) but I have never visited the arena because I heard that there is nothing more special than Colosseum in Rome. At present, this is not only a tourist attraction that attracts tourists but also an art performance space of many famous artists. Brà Square next to it is the place where the largest community activity site is located. If you’re lucky enough to be at the open market day, you can enjoy or buy gifts of local Italian products.

11:30 am

From Brà square, a 10-minute walk to the Castelvecchio bridge (in Italian means old castle). The Castelvecchio bridge is connected to the castle, built very solidly and plays an important role in protecting the medieval city. It was built of red bricks, not plastered so I often joked that this is an old brick oven. Right on the river bank, there are many beautiful coffee shops. Sitting there making a cappuccino, watching the brick kiln, listening to the murmur of the Adige below, taking a few pictures of the post and on the social network, there are definitely jealous people.

12:00 noon

Lunch break is come, please drop to Acqua E Grano pizza restaurant (address: 4 Via Armando Diaz, 37121 Verona) less than 10 minutes walk away. This is a small shop, only a few tables and chairs, clean, beautifully furnished, fresh and affordable pizza. I have eaten here twice, tasted about five and seven and have never felt disappointed.

1:00 p.m.

From lunch place you ask for directions to the city’s busiest street Via Giuseppe Mazzini. It is normal for girls who are addicted to shopping to get lost here for an hour. Even for those who are not addicted, Italian shops are worth visiting. I especially like Italian leather goods because of their good quality, beautiful seams, stylish designs but have not been able to purchase much for the “first” reason.

2:30 p.m.

At the end of the shopping street is Delle Erbe Square. This place is especially attracted to visitors by the picturesque paintings on the walls surrounding the square, the houses with Italian architectural style. Watching the sky watching the land, watching people pass by, listening to the street musicians performing in Delle Erbe is my favorite work in Verona.

3:00 p.m.

Dei Signori Square is half way away from a recognizable throwing knife with a tall bell tower. Right in the middle of the square is the statue of Dante, the great Italian poet, who is the first person in developing modern Italian today. That’s why this place is called Dante Square.

3:30 p.m.

Many people know that Verona is associated with the love story of the Romeo and Juliet. But perhaps few people know these two characters are completely bogus and according to the history of the book, the British playwright Shakespeare never even set foot in this city. But visitors do not need to care, they still poured into Juliet’s house, watching the legendary balcony, buying tickets to the door, and before leaving without forgetting … touching her breasts (not knowing what to expect). This is the truth, I’m not kidding. Her breasts are shiny. The love lock here is more than the piglet. The pieces of paper that conveyed the message of love were stuck on the wall with … chewing gum. Paper is removed regularly, and candy is still left to form a wall of gum like no one looking happy.

4:30 p.m.

Farewell to Juliet, invite you to climb Saint Pietro castle on the top of the hill to watch the sunset, watching the city full of red tile colors, watching the Adige river flowing nostalgically in the memory of the locals. I don’t know where else to see Verona from above is better.

6:00 p.m.

Down the street make an ice cream at the famous ice cream shop Gelateria Ponte Pietra. This place is very crowded with locals. Wherever there is a lot of locals, the quality is not controversial, right?

When ice cream is finished, if you have the energy, then you can walk, and then run out of steam, take a bus to the central station, jump to a new city (Venice for example), start new experiences.

Have fun in Verona!

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