Marriage contract and strange things for Asians

On the occasion of April 30, I was invited by a city friend to a small party on Independence Day. At the same time, I had a Saigon friend traveling to see, so I went with him. Because he was a stranger, coming from far away, so he was asked by many people. Knowing he was single, a man raised his voice to sound like a “it is easy to take a wife”. Hearing that, another brother jokingly replied, “Yes, getting married is easy, but leaving your new wife difficult.” Funny words make everyone burst out laughing.

In Western culture, most couples who love each other when deciding to take a step forward in their relationship will envision the engagement ceremony, then get married at the church, and eventually post-civil marriage in city hall or equivalent function office. According to common sense. But not all do it. A few couples also want a clear bond recognized by the government, but have not / do not want to become husband and wife. They have a different option: civil partnership. For example, Kayt Armstrong, she said she didn’t want to be anyone’s wife. When married, life priorities will change. And the woman will be obsessed with giving birth. Anna Derbyshire said that the wedding would lead to bad consequences on religion and patriarchy. It is great for people like Kayt or Anna, a form of cohabitation that will help them get rid of stereotypes, avoiding putting themselves in the “trap” of a traditional marriage.

In Europe, the Netherlands and France are the leading countries in recognizing the right to subscribe (many other countries have not yet adopted this right). Legally, marriage and marriage basically do not differ much in rights and obligations. For example, two people can jointly own property names, children have both parents in birth certificates, men are abused physically and mentally by women who are protected by law. Living together for a while and getting bored, both of them went to court to cancel their registration, € 100,000 in savings for each couple of € 50,000, 4m in front house (like Hanoi old town) divided into two 2m apartment: D, even the children also split the two always: the second guy followed his mother to the mountain, the second guy followed his father to the sea, and the youngest daughter did not share it so the court could decide.

So, what is the difference between living and marriage? Last time I came to play a Vietnamese sister’s house in Holland, I found out something quite interesting. She said that working with the subject had a Dutch professor married and divorced about 20 years. After his divorce, his wife did not do any business so the husband kept stooping to provide money every month, bored to the neck but as long as she did not have a job, he still could not stop it (probably never). The Dutch law stipulates that two people who have been civil marriage can still be financially tied to each other after divorce as in the above case. There are two civil partnership members who split up, everyone goes, there is no way this person has to “carry on” the other person. So, in a humorous way, the Dutch professor was big when he signed a “contract” to marry 20 years ago.

Love is an emotional category, but marriage contains a lot of reason. In the Netherlands, the rational factor is much higher than in other places.

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