What makes Switzerland a country to attract international students?

Located between Germany, France and Italy, Switzerland is a great place to explore Europe. This country is a place where exists many of top universities and is constantly ranked high on the list of the most livable places in the world. Here are the reasons many international students choose Switzerland as their study abroad destination.

Course fee

Tuition in Switzerland is among the cheapest in Europe. Many public universities charge about $ 1500 per academic year, tuition fees are not easily found elsewhere. But you should also be careful, this number in universities may vary, so you should check directly with the school to have a specific number. Paying less tuition means you have more money for going out with friends or traveling more often. In addition, the cost of living in Switzerland is quite high, so a little extra cash is still better right.

Geographical location

Switzerland is surrounded by France, Germany and Italy. As well as being surrounded by neighboring countries, there are 4 different national languages that bring diversity to this country. Therefore, you may feel a warm welcome for international students here. If you spend 3 years studying a bachelor’s degree in Switzerland, you will quickly adapt to a new language.

Many learners here return to their homeland with a deep understanding of German, French and Italian, depending on where your university is located. Petr Jiskra says language is also an important skill for employers: “Students in Swiss educational institutions will often know more than one language, meaning job opportunities will be wide open. more for them. ”

Are you interested in learning a new language in your study abroad journey? Switzerland is the country for you.

Job opportunities / Income potential

Switzerland is one of the highest middle-income countries in Europe and many large companies have offices throughout the country. So this place has many career opportunities that students have just graduated. Although students outside of the EU may find it difficult to apply for a visa to stay at work, if you can prove that you are the best candidate, the company can assist you with filing.

Fret about the options once you have graduated from a Swiss university? Let’s take a look at our guidelines.

If you find the job you dream of at a reputable company, the cost of living here will not be as high as before. For example, the average annual salary of a teacher is 87,500 CHF (2.04 billion VND). Not bad right?

Life quality

Swiss cities are consistently ranked high on the list of the best quality cities in the world. Although this seems to be an expensive place to live, to compensate for the high wages and low crime rates, these big Swiss cities become one of the happiest cities in Europe. Switzerland has a developed infrastructure system that can easily travel and explore this country. You can enjoy beautiful scenery from diverse and unique rural areas.

Those who love outdoor scenery would love to live in Switzerland. It has lots of green shadowed lands, many lakes and the Alps are always worth a visit. Moreover, you can enjoy a large amount of cheese and cholocate when they are the famous export foods of this country.

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