The process of registering information to study abroad in Sweden

Sweden is a country with a very generous registration system, which is shown by allowing candidates to register for any course, belonging to any program at the same time, via www.laholmcourses. .se!

The online registration system is extremely convenient, fast, allowing candidates to manipulate many tasks at once:

create a new account
Find courses and study programs
Fill in the information and submit the registration
Pay tuition (if required)
Subscribe to the application
Receive and print papers and certification results
Respond to all content and proposals that arise during the registration process
Two registration periods per semester

In one year, you have up to 4 opportunities to register for study, through the registration period in January, April for the fall and August semester for the spring intake.

As such, the list of international courses will be published on the website in January for the September intake period and in August for the next spring intake.

Note, you should register as soon as possible to ensure that you are not racing with paper preparation. In addition, this will also help you have more time for preparing other procedures (eg applying for a visa, finding a place to live …)

Additional documents

Students must provide the necessary documents with the registration process, usually including a Level 3 transcript, University transcripts, English certificates, qualifications … These documents need to be notarized or translated. English and then can be submitted via computer scan.

Note, these documents should be submitted only once.

After receiving your registration, the school will take the time to check and review (can last up to 6 weeks, depending on the amount of applications). These documents are in the “Applications” section under “My pages” when you log in to your account. You should also remember that the period between the filing date and the date of receipt of the results may take up to weeks.

Get results

When the selection results are published, you will receive a mail reminding you to log in to “My pages” to check the results.

In case you are admitted to a certain course, pay attention to the information referring to the registration of the residence card and the tuition requirements, enrollment, and year-end meetings for international students … organized by the school.

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Feedback online

A special thing to note is that you will have to answer the Notification of Selection Results to confirm your choice. If you do not answer or answer beyond the deadline, you will not be allowed to enter.

Who to contact?

If you have any questions, you can use the contact form in the “Do you have a question” section to ask questions.

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