Problems when looking for an apartment in Sweden during your study abroad

It’s usually that only students with exchange rankings taken from the Szielinsky program receive school support for finding accommodation. For international students, Sweden does not have any departments that implement meeting accommodation requirements. You are the only person to manage to find a suitable place to live. However, do not be too worried because any international student has to experience anxiety in finding such a home. Remember, you can absolutely look to the Student Association of the school, the office supports international students or groups, Vietnamese student associations in Sweden to ask for help.

As in other countries, finding big city houses is always difficult and the area of houses is much more modest than those of small cities. If you study in big cities like Stockholm and Göteborg, or in University cities like Lund and Uppsala, you will probably face the situation above. Normally, the number of dormitories in universities and colleges is not enough to meet the needs of students. These “dormitory” (dormitories of students) are often divided into floors. Each floor has about 4 to 15 students although they have their own bedroom (or shared) but they still have to share rooms to watch TV and common kitchen.

Another way to find a home is to contact the landlord directly. For example, on the sokstudentbostad website, organizations have aggregated contact information for local landlords.

To sign a tenancy agreement, you must prove that you have been approved for a certain program of study. When you leave, you must also hand-write a letter about the transfer a month earlier. There are also a number of other rules that you should find out in advance through university service organizations or at the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam.

Basic accommodation types

Depending on your own conditions and aspirations, you choose to live alone or share a house with other students. Experience is that sharing a home with international students will help you integrate faster, the language ability also increases significantly (of course, in case you live with international friends already) and especially you will have chance to discover many new cultures. However, living together can also give you some trouble. The best way is to choose the apartment where each person will have a separate room, only share some facilities such as bathroom, living room and toilet.

A rental apartment may be available, or not. This directly affects the rental price. If you are a newcomer, there is a “strange foreign country”, it is best to choose an apartment which has furniture available to help with the purchase. However, this means you will have to be extremely careful when using it because if there is damage, dump anything, the landlord can deduct it from the deposit. Meanwhile, if you have the conditions and desire to design an apartment with your own style, you should start to learn about second-hand stores or cheap supermarkets to shop.

One option is to rent a private room in a homestay family. This form of accommodation will help you quickly integrate with the local culture. If you’re lucky to “fall” down to an easy-going family, they may even be your second family, covering you for the duration of your study abroad.

Of course, these prices are for reference only. If you find it hard to find, plus a bit of luck, you might also get cheaper accommodation in major cities.

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