How much money is enough to study abroad in Sweden?

You will have to prove that you have a stable source of finance to study in Sweden, specifically: $ 1,500 per month during your studies.

As a student is not a citizen of a European Union country, you will have to pay higher fees than students in this region. Registration fee on page is $ 1900.

Tuition fees for universities can range from $ 80,000 to 140,000 per academic year, while it is likely that schools with a particular field may have higher tuition fees. To be sure of the tuition of each program, you should go to the online website of that program to find out.

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The cost of living in Sweden depends largely on your personal lifestyle. Below is a list of some of the monthly payments that may interest you:

Food: $ 2000
Accommodation: $ 3750
Local travel: $ 560
Phone / internet: $ 300
Insurance, medical care and hygiene: $ 300
Hobbies / entertainment, miscellaneous: $ 1100
Total: $ 8010 (about VND 20 million)

You should also know that prices can vary between different cities. The Stockholm example is more expensive than the small towns of course. Eating in restaurants is certainly more expensive than student bars and restaurants.

If you are determined to have lunch at a student restaurant or around campus, you will have to spend between $ 55 and $ 70, while at an average coffee shop or restaurant the price will be around $ 65-95. In the case of dinner out, you need to prepare about $ 100-150 for the bill (not including drinks).

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In most restaurants and bars, a cheap beer or a glass of wine will cost about $ 60, knowing that prices can be significantly lower at crowded student venues.

But no matter how narrow or comfortable your spending is, you must prove to the Swedish Immigration Department that you have an amount equivalent to $ 7,300 a month during your studies. For students who want to bring their children and their spouses together, you must prove an additional $ 3,000 per month / husband or wife and $ 1,800 per month for each child.

Health insurance

See information about Health Insurance and medical care to keep up to date with health-related information of international students in Sweden. Depending on the length of your stay, you will have to pay the appropriate insurance, but in short you will have to pay between $ 150 and $ 200 for each visit.

Student Association fee

Students often join local student societies and pay a membership fee, but this is not required. Fees range from $ 50-350 per semester, depending on the association.

Book costs

On average, you will spend about $ 750 / month to buy textbooks for each semester. For some subjects such as Law, Natural Science, this number may be higher. To save money on books, you can go to the old book-selling organization, every student association, or find economic photocopies. A place that can’t be visited before spending money on books is a library. Remember to buy books only when the library has no more books that you need to borrow (even for photocopying only).


Monthly rental costs vary significantly between locations. For a student room or a room in a shared apartment, the monthly rent falls between $ 2,500 and $ 6,500. In the private market, costs can be a little higher. Utilities of the apartment and the fees included in the rent (furniture, electricity, Internet …) can also affect monthly expenses.

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