Application process for studying abroad in Switzerland

To help you understand the steps to apply to a university in Switzerland, I will give you the most complete view of the application process in this country. Do not forget to go directly to the website of the university you want to study to find out about updates on deadlines and application process!

Some questions you should ask the school you intend to apply for:

Do I need to learn a language? (This is a particularly important question when you want to study in Switzerland because the country has four official languages. However, don’t worry too much because most courses are on www.hotcourses. VN is taught in English.)
What documents do I need to submit in my application?
What is the expiration date of the application?
What are the specific requirements for the course I choose?

When can I start applying?

Universities in Switzerland usually have 2 semesters: winter and summer semesters. You need to apply a few months before the semester begins. In addition, Hotcourses Vietnam recommends that you apply as soon as possible to maximize your chances!

What period of winter semester in Switzerland begins?

The winter semester at Swiss universities usually lasts from September to December. The period from the end of January to the middle of February is the period of taking the exams.

The deadline for international students to apply for this term is usually May. However, if you need time to apply for a student visa in Switzerland, you can apply by February. Check the information. details about the school’s enrollment plan to build a reasonable study abroad plan for yourself.

What documents do Swiss study documents include?

An application (printed version) with your signature.
Passport is still valid
Two passport photos
Original of all previous certificates, academic qualifications, including A Level certificates (or equivalent) and any qualifications you have completed.
The CV comes with a complete list of educational institutions you have attended from middle school. In addition, the CV should fully update the achievements, work experience and extracurricular activities you have undertaken. Showing outstanding activities and achievements in the CV will help you conquer the admission committee. Refer to writing CV and scholarship.
Language certificate. If the university and the course you study require, you will have to provide a certificate to prove that you are able to use a certain language fluently.

To get a better understanding of the study abroad package, please refer to the article about the necessary documents to prepare carefully!

Things to remember

Apply as soon as possible! Applying early will help you have time to refine your study application and settle it in time if something goes wrong.
Apply to many universities in many different cities. You will have more opportunities to be accepted to study.
If you are a non-EU citizen, make sure you have enough time to apply for a student visa in Switzerland. Don’t ignore the free information store of and instructions on getting a student visa!

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