Difficulties in studying PhD in the US

According to some statistics, up to 50% of the PhD students in the US dropped out of school before completing their studies. In the past, when I read such statistics, I would say to myself, “How come people lack such willpower? Why did you choose PhD and quit? ”. I also did not hesitate to give them the “loser”. I also feel “uncomfortable” when someone offers a series of pessimistic reasons such as “just go and know, be bored”, or “learn to do what” to dissuade me following this path. But just like a saying I read somewhere “Don’t arbitrarily criticize when you don’t understand the circumstances of others.”

After nearly a year of research, I somehow understand why many students cannot follow the same research path. I stopped calling “dropouts” as “losers”, and I understood more about the advice others gave me before. In this week’s blog post, I would like to share some of the reasons (I think) for students to drop PhD midway, and some experiences to make the PhD path less difficult!

Try comparing the “two lives” later, then you will see how PhD life is. When I was in Hanoi, when I came home from work, I could go out with my friends or go home to enjoy a good movie or sink into a deep, lyrical novel. The evening is the time I spend for myself, the words “WORK” are temporarily reserved at a far corner in the locker of life. But since I went to study in PhD, it seems that work and life for me is one. I work 10-12 hours a day. Go to class. As an assistant teacher. Do your own research. Reply. Read reading. Writing writing. This period, almost every week, I work both Saturday and Sunday. However, doing a lot of work doesn’t mean you can finish EVERYTHING.

When I first started learning, I was very “upset” because I never finished all the things I wanted to do, but then I gradually became more tolerant of myself. Work and research appear in my dreams. There were nights when I suddenly woke up because I was worried about the upcoming study. There are nights, I have very strange dreams. For example, I dreamed that my teacher in Political Institutions decided to move to Vietnam to teach linguistics, and he decided to miss me because I studied ignorance. haha. Again, I dreamed that I was going to take the math exam, but I couldn’t find the key to open the door … When I came to class, I recounted my dream to my teacher and association, he said “obsessive work with people working in academics never before. In the past, I thought that when I found a job I would live comfortably and leisurely, but I still often had dreams about failing exams, critically acclaimed papers, etc. ”.

Also, when studying PhD you will understand what is a fast (p-fast) life. Time is just a relative number, a period, a year passes very quickly. You always find yourself always with your hands and feet forever but not all the time. If you want to go to PhD to be free to travel, I believe that disappointment will soon invade you. As a person who likes to travel and discover, I cannot go anywhere in this term.

In my opinion, whether a person can tolerate this hardship does not depend on his personality and purpose of learning Phd. I myself feel that I can stand this life, because I really like to do research and like to read and write. Every time I finish writing a research paper or run a model I am interested in, I feel very excited, as if I have just achieved something great in life. Again, busy life makes me seldom sad, and thinks miserably because of me … there is no time to think !! I also didn’t care what this person thought about me, how the other person said, I was also far from the silly frivolous things of life.

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