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I just finished the midterm math test (actually called the quantitative research method, but we just called it math). That night, I received a message from my classmates, who all breathed a sigh of relief. “Phew, that’s it. I don’t care what the outcome is, I’m just happy to have finished the exam. ” “God, I can’t believe I can do it, for me math is always a torture. After finishing the first semester, I also tried to quit school. ” Messages like this make me laugh. I only had three days to review math because last week, I had to take the time to carefully read and plan discussions for Political Institutions (we took turns discussing each week). The math exam is different from what we expected, he didn’t ask us to calculate anything, he only asked us to explain the models, hypotheses, and logic in a logical way when choosing Choose models for different research topics. Basically, he only checks to see if we understand the nature of the things we have learned. Math tests that I didn’t need to move to the computer, to the paper. It was strange, right?

After the mid-term math test, I kept thinking about studying. My concept of learning has changed a lot after getting access to different education. And today I want to share with my readers my thoughts and opinions about learning and education.

Since realizing the importance of education, I really enjoy learning. Many of my friends lamented that learning was very boring, and they always set a certain limit for learning such as “studying at university is enough”, “learning so much to do,” and so on and so on. I, on the other hand, always have endless inspiration for learning. But I want to share with you an ugly truth: when I was in school, I was always obsessed with grades. I used to think that scores reflect a person’s ability to learn, intelligence, and ability. In high school, I was so obsessed with grades that even if I had good students, I would still be sad and embarrassed if my grades were not high. Going to college, my obsession with grades did not decrease in me. There was even a time when I conceived that scores were things that shaped my identity. I would like to share with you a memory that now I think I still feel silly. When I was a sophomore, I once got a score of 7 reading English, only that I was sad and sad, I “criticized” myself, I found myself boring.

I thought a lot about why I was so obsessed with scores so much. Later on when I was more mature, when I got out of my safe little world, when I had access to many different education, I realized that the obsession of scores came from sensitivity. feel about how others think about my abilities. When I was in school, grades were always posted publicly on the school. I remember, anyone could use the Internet to search for my college test scores, and I could also find other people’s points to … compare. Going to college, grades are always posted on the school bulletin board. Scores are not a personal asset, but vice versa as a form that is externally removed to allow others to appreciate the qualities within us. Yesterday I reread the diary pages I wrote ten years ago, but I am both funny and sorry for myself. A journal page about embarrassing emotions once I got a bad score. The diary when I left my “feelings” when I thought about everyone seeing my test scores and how they talked about me. I was deeply affected by the way other people assessed my learning ability. Of course, not every child is like me, maybe many of you are carefree, do not care about the scores and how to judge others’ views. But I was extremely sensitive about this, perhaps because of my childhood experiences. And because I followed the scores, so many times I found ways to get good grades without caring about whether I deeply understood or understood the nature of what I learned. Western education is not perfect, but one thing I really like about it is that teachers and schools respect students’ grades. Scores are personal property, no one except the students and professors themselves know. Therefore, students will avoid comparing themselves with others, and focus on developing themselves so that now is better than before.

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