The price of independence in my journeys

I have a slightly different habit. Sometimes I want to go somewhere far away and take the initiative to go through a plan to see how to move, what to eat, where to go, how much it will cost. After that, I found the “comrade” to accompany me. That led to one time I found one or more companions, but there were (many) times no one because of the phase difference, the budget, the travel style, and so on. But I never felt sad about having to go alone. Because independence has its own interesting.

Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom

Single means that you do not have to depend on anyone, have full power to decide the time and journey, like to throw it all the way. Traveling “alone” or more always makes you struggle, even quarrel your head (if not “coherent”), you should eat French or KFC fried chicken, go to the museum or visit the palace, go walk or take the bus.

Learning how to manage

There is no one beside to rely on, so you have to “eat by yourself” all the problems, from small things like looking at the map, asking for directions to handle unexpected situations like missed trains, sickness along the way. Certainly, independent working skills will be maximized.

To help develop humanism and worldview

Traveling alone is no longer strange in the present day. Meeting and interacting with many other people who are also traveling alone helps us to improve our knowledge and improve our living capital very effectively. They can be fun, knowledgeable, super funny, or bland, weird … But surely you will learn a lot from them. When we follow the group we mainly interact with companions instead of strangers on the road.

Used to Understanding yourself better, about life

The moments of sitting alone on the plane, or quietly enjoying a hot cup of tea at a corner of the restaurant, do not remember the name can make you wonder who you are, what you are doing, how to make your life more beautiful. Knowing such moments of deposition will help you understand a little more about yourself and the world around you. The writer Chu Lai once confided on television that he occasionally threw all his life into a corner, went to a strange place, such as a wooden house on a sparse beach for daily use. lying hammock watching the sky, watching clouds, watching the sea. If luck, loneliness and deposition will turn into creative inspiration. At that time the sentences will flow out constantly and endlessly under five fingers.

Having traveled alone, I believe you will more or less agree with the views in this article. Never before? Try it. Don’t try to know.

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