The odd habits of the Spanish

If according to what Vietnamese folk songs have concluded, most Spanish people … only half a gang of lives. It sounds funny, but that’s true. After lunch they have a habit of hitting a good night called siesta.

In the book “The world is so big and there is a lot of work to do”, Deawoo Group chairman Kim Woo Choong expressed great surprise at this odd habit: “The regions in Northern France, This is a region with a rich economy while the regions in the South have a rather weak economy. Of course, there is no scientific explanation for this difference. But my own opinion is that difference can be explained by napping. ” In addition, siesta is not only a habit of Spanish people but a “common property” of the group of Southern European countries including Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. The phrase “regions in the south” can be interpreted as such. Could the sun and the Mediterranean wind all year round make people more sleepy at noon?

Stomach and skin tightening of the eye skin, sleepiness appears after a delicious lunch is very normal. So people think of ways to combat drowsiness, such as drinking a cup of strong coffee, listening to music or stretching to practice some simple exercise. But the Spanish way of doing it is much simpler and more effective: to be sleepy, then go to sleep. People who are as busy as my teachers often take a nap for half an hour. So whenever I had a job to meet the teacher, I turned off the electricity before going to the office, I did not rush to leave immediately. Maybe people are taking a nap. As for small-scale family-owned shops, which contribute a large proportion in the service sector, they take a lunch break for several hours. The working hours here are set by the employer for me, my wife and children and the part-time workers. It’s normal for them to close their lunch break from about 2pm to 5pm. Of course, the big stores in the center or the bustling city shopping centers like Barcelona or Madrid still open their doors through noon, probably serving mainly tourists … not taking a nap.

I still remember the anniversary of the late afternoon of August 2012. That time I went to play with my classmate in Granada, southern Spain. As we strolled together in the old town center, I noticed that the shop was almost closed. Since I did not know the habit of taking a lunch break, I immediately asked you:

– Why do people close so early? The street is quiet and sad.

Listen, my friend laughed:

– It is not closed but is currently a lunch break. We Spaniards have this kind of activity.

To prove what I just said, my friend immediately took me to the door of the glass door of a small street shop.

– You look here, it is clear that they will reopen at 5pm. Another time, the streets will be crowded, bustling with excitement and enjoying Granada atmosphere.

– You Spaniards are really lazy. Poor people did not work hard, and laid a nap.

It seems that my words are quite touching, but almost 50 million people are moving so my friend voiced the protection of the image of the country right away:

– Hey hey, we have a 2, 3 hour lunch break but in return work at least until 9, 10pm. I still work 8 hours a day, maybe even more. How lazy is it?

It may sound reasonable at first, but so hard, why is it still an economic burden for all of Europe? According to recent statistics of Deutsche Welle, the average Spaniards work 20% more hours than the Germans, yet the income is only half. The cause of this condition is partly attributed to the napping and low labor productivity. You know, restarting the normal working rhythm right after a full nap is never an easy task. But in spite of that sad reality, I believe that Spaniards still do not postpone the siesta of happiness even though they have to work late hours, work longer hours and have less income. Siesta has long been a breath, a life. It should be classified as … intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Also because sticky time is different from that, so the Spanish people are very messy. Lunch time is usually around 3pm and dinner after 9pm. While I was still in Barcelona, I kept eating habits like in Vietnam, so I rarely cooked and had dinner with three friends in the same apartment. Waiting for their dinner time, my stomach boiled over to protest. So the Spaniards still had quite a lot of dinner, and at about 11 o’clock in the evening, they just fit into bedtime. Oh god, it is an extremely bad habit and bad for health. But it was already ingrained in the blood, and what was ingrained in the blood, it was not easy to give up. It is true that Jiangshan is easy to change the nature of displacement.

To finish the article, I would like to tell you a little if you have a chance to come to Spain, don’t be like me, thought impartially that my friend’s family is on a diet because 9pm is not prepared to cook, or is very angry Each time I walked into the school canteen at 1pm to find a hot meal that was not possible. Remember the golden rule: the family must continue.

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