Tell stories about my journey to school (part 2)

I took sips of whiskey to soften my lips to swallow the frustrations at Noi Bai into my heart. It is also a chance to understand more about the word ring in Buddhism.

At this time, my hot head has also cooled down a lot. While sipping my wine, I composed a list of my favorite music, put on my headphones and turned on the music to the fullest. The melodious saxophone and the throbbing drum of “Careless Whisper” fit my mood right now. “… There’s no comfort in the truth. Pain is all you’ll find … ”.

The thought of cool whiskey drops will obediently pull my eyelids down, the plane landed in Bangkok. The man who went up and down continually searched for hours and made me unable to sleep even though the eyelids were heavy now. Over two hours of resting at the Golden Temple airport, the iron bird flapped its wings and flew up into the sky. I was so tired that I fell asleep anyway.

Doha International Airport warmly welcomed me with a 30 degree heat that is no different from Vietnam summer. So, around the airport there is no shade of green trees that makes the air become stuffy. The sunshine of the Middle East hit her face, and she became very uncomfortable. A large bus was waiting below to bring all passengers into the waiting area quite far away, roundabout also took less than 10 minutes. Because I stayed here for three hours, I took advantage of the duty-free area. It was also the first time I was touching the flesh of Lamborghini with golden paint, and seeing 21 Chivas bottles studded with gems worth $ 5,000 and many other luxury goods. Contemplating that they were only for the Middle Eastern oil giants, but the prawn class like me who came to the pond was not sure to enjoy such a royal life in heaven. Regardless of how wealthy people are, just touching their knees to tell themselves honestly, I took advantage of the free Internet to send email notifications to my family.

Pretending to be another time is about to start. The bus came back and took passengers to the plane. This flight is generally much smoother. After finishing breakfast, I took a little more sleep to save myself for the long train in Germany. After 8 hours of flying, the plane landed at Frankfurt am Main airport in a golden autumn sun like honey. I thought the European air gateway had a take-off flight every two minutes or so, it must be very large, at least two or three times the area of West Lake, but it was really big and medium. The signs were very clearly arranged, and of course I didn’t get lost as some people had warned. In queuing for the immigration procedure, it took a few minutes, I wandered into the area to collect my luggage and headed for the final security control door. Here, unwanted things happened: I was asked to check my luggage. The thief thought that when he went to work, he and his mother and father worked. Fortunately, the pack of packages was neatly wrapped with silver paper, then stuck around the tight-fitting tape, so the tall and handsome Tay would not be sad to open it. Breathing a sigh of relief, that is to escape!

At 5pm on board, I carefully asked the ticket supervisor to see if it was correct and she said okie, then put out a series of German words. I shrugged and frowned as I did not understand, Mrs. West enthusiastically explained further, more slowly and slowly but still in … German, but with a little English, it was because I heard the word “connect “. She then clasped her hands together and pointed at the Frankfurt Hbf on the screen (Hbf is an acronym in German meaning central station). “So you have to transfer from Frankfurt Hbf station?” – I asked again. Ms. West nodded, grinning and smiling, saying goodbye and continued to check tickets. About 15 minutes after the train arrived at the central station, backpack on the shoulder, two luggage bags, I ran like a chase on the platform for fear of missing the train. Running up to 100m in front, I asked another railroad worker “Dresden, Dresden?”. He pointed to the ship I just walked down to !? The bottle came into the cabin, looking up at the screen to see the final destination was Dresden Hbf, I was assured. At this point, I realized that the last cars were only going to Leipzig, and the cars above would go to Dresden. The fact that Mrs. Tay is clinging to her hands implies a connection, not a train. Language barrier is so tired.

The cruise glides smoothly with the speed always reaching over 100km / h, so the distance from Frankfurt to Dresden must be around 600km. Over 10pm, I went to the beautiful city on the banks of the Elbe River in the freezing weather like the beginning of Hanoi.

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