Tell stories about my journey to school (part 1)

It should have been written about half a day ago when I was sitting on a plane from Noi Bai to Doha. However, because of an unexpected incident described as “sipping whiskey sips to soft lips to swallow frustrations at Noi Bai into my heart” I now have the opportunity to spread my heart through the words and pages written. The first solo trip has too many happy and sad memories.

I went to Noi Bai about 8pm. Flight of Qatar airline bearing the number * * HGJX will take passengers in transit in Doha and then fly to Frankfurt. “The number one airline in the world, it must be pro,” I think. Looking up at the notice board at the airport, the whole family was looking for an unseen eye on Hanoi – Doha, instead, was another trip with similar numbers to Bangkok. Oh good, what’s wrong? Just wandering around forever, luckily, I got a guy from the company, I got the answer, just go to the procedure. At that time, I was sure, and the electronic board made a mistake. Dragon snake in line, in front of a delegation of Thai tourists, on a Thai passport, luggage label also points to Thailand. So in the end how is this, I’m really confused. But those doubts were immediately explained a few minutes later. In the meantime, I had a conversation with a German man who was told that this flight would take advantage of returning passengers in Bangkok, then flying to Doha. Interestingly, the airline always proudly patted the chest as the world No. 1 other Vietnamese passenger cars, maybe not crammed with two people in one seat. “Perhaps this is the only company in the world to do that.”

A friend of mine has just flown Qatar, saying that the volume of registration is controlled quite tightly, one is not allowed to give extra money, so it is too heavy to pay extra money or take out luggage. Therefore, I paid 30kg on the luggage, but to add sandals with some outside soup powder, I wonder what about the beautiful ground worker who saw me before. Looks like I’m handsome !? Both hand luggage bag over 3kg also passed. Particularly the pretty neat backpack containing laptop, miscellaneous books, clothes and chips, I will be free of candy weight but still carefully asked and confirmed like that. So the baggage procedure was over, I went to the exit area, said goodbye to the family and quickly went through the area with the transparent doors of Noi Bai airport customs. Everything is smooth, waiting for two hours and then boarding the plane is moderate.

But life, who can understand the word unexpected. The story is a Qatar representative standing at the boarding door and examining all who carry bulky furniture or more than one bag. Of course I am not an exception. After a pound of candy, he told me to pay for excess baggage. Total damage is 121USD !? The following dialogue in English, I temporarily translate like this:

– This is my laptop bag, it’s allowed to pass.

– OK, so the laptop itself will be free, the rest will have to pay for excess baggage – He said hard.

– So why did your ground staff say that I won’t have to pay any extra money? I know it is wrong to carry overweight, but why not say it in the first place so my family members can bring it back – I also said hard.

– Who is she?

– God, how can I find her at this time?

– Then pay for the excess baggage, or throw it away here – He replied very coldly.

Honestly, I felt like I was tricked. But sometimes this is just me, the hour is coming, so I should not do anything. I sadly left many beloved belongings including a beautiful and beautiful plaid shirt that my mother used to call the Michael Jackson shirt. Borrowing an airport attendant’s phone to call his father, I hope my family members can take back the furniture. Then I stepped inside and did not forget to give the other sentence the utter disappointment “I am very DISAPPOINTED!”. Hate the attitude, Qatar has dropped to a bogus airline in my eyes. It is true that ten thousand things are beginning.

Stepping on the plane, my mood was heavy. The young man sitting next to him kept his eyes on the entertainment screen in front of him, ran out of movies, and played music. As for me, I have no interest at all, sadly waiting for the plane to take off. I enlisted to see Hanoi for the last time. The yellow moon is about to float in the distance and mid-autumn to where it is. The straight street lights flashed every time the plane passed through a thin layer of clouds. Suddenly my eyes were slightly blurred, so it was far away.

The flight attendants are not as beautiful as I imagined, perhaps starting to enter the hashing age. But from those beautiful little red lips that always have a “sir” thing, two “sir” things make me afraid so much.

I will back to the next article …

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