Remember the capital

This afternoon I sat and reviewed the photos of the fireworks ceremony to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the capital and felt so emotional, suddenly the “artist blood” emerged that made me want to write something about Hanoi .

My childhood Hanoi is associated with the afternoon playing with your friends in the dormitory. At that time, we had a lot of games, we could preliminarily describe things like shooting balls, throwing cans, popping photos, flying kites, insisting, playing, picking and stealing apples. And not to mention the game left in me a lot of memories: throwing eagle. Not as leisurely as Mr. Bang Kieu and his friends climbed green leafy leaves to find ripe eagles and then shared, eagles in my apartment area were more sorrowful because the stumps grew in Lan’s yard. Teachers teach English, and the foliage is wide and high with a two-storey building reaching out to the street.

Every summer, ripe eagles hovering on tree branches are always challenging the craving of children. So we came up with a way … to use sandals to throw an eagle. Every fruit that falls down is all crowded with bricks to break the hard crust to divide the inner part of the tiny little girl to eat sticky teeth. The most funny thing is that when a sandal is stuck on a tree, the other one is mobilized to “rescue the team”. If you imagine, there are black-eyed kids who have to wear bare feet on their trees to go home, but they will be scolded by their parents. And yet the next day, the boy who bought new sandals continued to enthusiastically throw the eagle.

The eagle tree is still there, the ripe eagles are full of sugar so there is no need to climb or throw but no more children are interested in that “snack” anymore.

I like the days when my mother is absent from school, firstly because … I don’t have to go to school and secondly because I was led to Trang Tien general department store (now Trang Tien plaza) “solicited” break. noon

Once I fell in love watching the battery-powered toy train and insisting on buying for it. At that time my family was very poor, so I didn’t have any money to buy such expensive toys. My mother whispered in my ear that there was no money and took me away. It is an extremely memorable memory that until now still occasionally reviewed in the family.

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