Narrative on a morning of Tet’s Occasion

Every morning when I wake up, if I’m not too busy, I usually spend half an hour lounging in bed to surf facebook and online newspapers. A few minutes ago, I was able to read an article about the work of preparing New Year’s fireworks display on Ho Guom Lake, suddenly felt like it. Today is 30 New Year, in Hanoi it must be fun. And in the land of fog, very rainy, windy and very sad, this is a normal working day, and I am alone without preparing for Tet.

I remember forever celebrating New Year’s Eve a decade ago. At 11:00 PM on the 30th day of the New Year, Hieu, Quynh, Viet and I went on two motorbikes to cross the Le Thach Street, right in front of Hanoi Post Office, watching fireworks. Back then we were high school students, so we were not allowed to ride a motorbike, but Hieu and Viet were given away by our families to reduce the hardship of a 12th grade student who was always busy with the main schedule and studied more. solid. Here I do not want to emphasize the unlawful parental love from the parents, but the problem I am most concerned about is that they have motorcycles. Right! Going to New Year’s Eve, having a motorbike is the best because it is both fast and mobile.

At 12:00 pm, the first series of artillery rings in the sky in the joyful applause of thousands of people standing together on the Lake. Corpse of firecrackers fell right under his feet, the smell of cannon fire, smoke and smoke filled in the humid and thick spring air. But no one feels uncomfortable at all. Everyone’s face is so radiant. These are the first moments of a new year. Later, the four of us began to snatch the lid of beer cans and wish each other good things in the new year.

But luckily, I have not seen that bad luck, I have met immediately. The story is that after welcoming the new year on the Sword Lake, we went to Tay Ho government. On the way from the back, Hieu’s rear tire was flat and we wondered how to deal with it. Both of them told each other to take a temporary drive to Au Co street and continue to calculate. Reaching about half a kilometer near the top of Xuan Dieu Street, we encountered a shop repairing motorbikes and water bars with lights on. The store owner was waiting for his daughter to hang out, so he was happy to help but not “cut” at all. Anyway, there is a chance in the risk, it must be said that the sewing is very big. As soon as I repaired my car, I confided that my children were around this age, so they treated us like children. At the same time last year, a young man had broken a car and was helped by him. We are truly grateful to you. If you fall into such a terrible situation, you will feel the great meaning of human love. Later I had many occasions to go through Xuan Dieu Street but no longer saw the effect of repairing that car. Who knows the land has been changed to the owner and turned into a monumental villa overlooking the West Lake.

At the end of the year, I have to spend some time reviewing old stories. Wish everyone a new year with lots of health, happiness and luck!

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