Learning a foreign language through a perfume bottle

When I was little, we was given a very expensive French perfume bottle to use … to spray a toilet. The words “Eau de toilette” are written neatly and stand out on the body of the bottle. The whole family told each other that it was true Western people, who went to the toilet also had their own perfume. At that time, in the mind of a child, I felt that something was odd. So long ago I only saw people from “bus” about giving alcohol, giving chocolate candy or something to eat or drink, but never met anyone who gave a perfume bottle like no other. Anyway, people really love their family and take the cost of bringing this special gift from France. My house tried a little Westernization. So since then I have a habit of spraying perfume every time I go to the toilet. It is also beautiful, the charming fragrance of perfume makes the “solving sadness” much more pleasant.

The story actually has nothing to say if there is no Mr. D. One day he came to my house to eat rice. Having lived for several years in Paris (it seems so), he loves the country and the French people immensely. As I ate rice while talking, how was the story about the perfume bottle repeated. After listening, Mr. D. He fell back and explained that “Eau de toilette” is the perfume with the average concentration of essential oils used after bathing or shaving, whoever brings them to the toilet. He just finished speaking, my whole family burst into laughter, laughing and laughing, laughing and flowing tears in a way that didn’t pick up my mouth. It is true that blindness in language is miserable. But do not know, ask once will remember. Still know a little and guess the old, guessing is dangerous.

When I first went to Germany to study a master’s degree, my English proficiency was of the same type even though I had this degree, it was a good certificate. The program is entirely in English, so German professors must also use foreign languages to teach and communicate with students. But the proficiency of professors in English is very high, maybe 7, 8 parts compared to native speakers so with the foreign language “chicken and ducks”, I always have to strain my ears to strain my eyes every lesson. How much “puncture” is. At first, many times I listened to the lecture unconsciously, the word from the ear drifted through the other ear without bothering to stick to the brain because of the relatively new and difficult professional knowledge, plus the need to learn in the language You are not simple. That period was very tense. But gradually getting used to learning style, the pressure also decreased.

Now living and studying in an English-speaking country, my language skills are getting better and better (but it’s still really stupid). You know, vlogger duhocsinhmy once said that to know if a person is really good at English, ask him if he can do one of two things: flirt or borrow money. I wonder when will I achieve such a level?

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