Is Tet still as interesting as before?

Remember when I first went to college, I once said half jokingly with some “comrades” that going to school away from home was great, not being able to manage time so soon, every month, every month be “reloaded” spoiled for spending. Cuong, my friend, replied that in the blankets, he knew that there was a lice, so that he could absorb the misery. He asked if I had to work hard to stay in the inn, had I ever had to eat noodles instead of rice at the end of the month, had I ever had “pocket membranes” because of the “adjacent month?” My friend is defined as a short period of time to spend a lot of money … girls, including New Year, Lunar New Year, love and international women’s day). Of course, asking it, it knows the answer, then concludes that my life is very peaceful and not a typical student life.

It is fortunate that I will experience the uneasy life later. I also went to a boarding house and a few months had to change places very tired, better than you because I never had a serious shortage of money because I could get a small scholarship to eat, enough to keep going. open your eyes, then learn how to manage to cook, clean and take care of yourself, and many other things. In short, I had many new experiences and a better understanding of the life away from home that my friends told me in the past. It must be acknowledged that in terms of materiality I am somewhat fortunate, but mentally, it is a lot of disadvantage. Imagine that my friend could easily ride a motorbike or take a bus to his hometown, eat a meal with his family and really love his mother with two verses. I added the motherly stamp to me. As far as I was from home halfway around the world, it was not easy to arrange time and work to go home for dinner, elegant poetry and then go back to the city early next week. The most sad thing is that on Tet holiday, three consecutive Tet holidays have not been reunited with family. I still remember the first Tet when I had to attend a seminar in northern Germany. The New Year’s Eve in Vietnam (6pm in Germany) I was sitting on the Hamburg-Berlin train back home. After texting my parents’ happy new year, I turned my lifeless eyes out the window. My friend discerned that something was wrong and asked if he was tired. I said not tired but homesick because the new year knocked on my hometown. Fortunately, the next two Tet holidays do not go anywhere, so I have the opportunity to join the New Year party with Vietnamese siblings.

To describe how the nostalgia for my homeland is small and round, I would like to borrow the following story. In the program “Welcoming Tet with VTV” that was released on the occasion of the new year, director Do Thanh Hai told a very brief and moving story when asked about the celebration of celebrating Tet away from home. He said that he had the opportunity to visit a Vietnamese temple built in the market of Sa Pa in Prague during the time of the film “Two Horizons”. There are a lot of Vietnamese relatives from Czech as well as the surrounding areas coming to the temple to burn incense and pray. There are five fruits tray, peach branches, smells of subtle incense, very pure Vietnamese space that makes the distant children feel extremely warm and close to their homeland. But it was snowy white outside, and people were still busy spinning around in the hustle and bustle of daily life. He said that if he was in that situation, he could feel his homeland very close and far away. I like this simple story, especially the last one. That’s right, for the children who are far from home, the homeland is always close and always far away …

Tet has passed. Someone said Tet was getting boring. That is partly true because the flow of modern life has swept away many traditional rituals and values on Tet. But try to take the New Year away from home once, to appreciate those precious precious moments and understand that no matter how light it is, it is still a luxury spice with expatriates.

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