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Long time I did not write, for a very simple reason: lazy. Up to this point, the crazy project “Days in Europe” could say that it failed 90% or even more. Not everyone said that when we grow up, the dream becomes smaller. Now my goal is simple and very practical, to be less lazy and write more. Celebrating this important change, I would like to tell you a little story that I experienced during my first days in Italy.

You may not know the ancient origins of coffee discovered by Ethiopian goats, or every year only a few hundred pounds of fine mink coffee is sold globally. But I believe that you know that Italy is the most sophisticated coffee country in the world with very quiet names like Cappuccino, Latte, and Macchiato. Today I will tell a very interesting story about coffee.

One day in May, not long ago, after the meeting at the University of Venice, three of our teachers and students took the train to Murano Island to visit. Peeking for an hour watching the eye-catching glassware and masks, we stopped at a diner on a small street full of big trees that didn’t know the name and shone in the scent. comfortable. While talking while waiting for the food to be brought out, the teacher whispered:

– You see two guests sitting at the other table. I guess they are not Italian.

– Why? I asked curiously.

Very slowly, he gave a convincing reason:

– First of all their faces do not have many Italian features. After that they call Cappuccino, it sounds cool but it’s not the way. All are Italian, no one drinks Cappucinno at this time.

As a culinary expert, the teacher continues to explain:

– Cappucinno is a drink of three relatively equal parts, including the lower coffee, milk in the middle and whipped milk with the cream above, more sophisticated can be added a little cocoa powder or cinnamon powder to decorate. . Because of its creamy and milky ingredients, it is only appropriate to start the day, plus a croissant is a simple Italian breakfast. Remember, proper Cappuccino is not used to spoon and bounce but slowly enjoy milk coffee through the foam above. No one drinks this foam because it works only to keep warm.

Turning to the story I asked more:

– So what time should you drink during the day?

– It depends on your habits, like I drink Espresso. It’s pure coffee, no ice cream, no milk, nothing but coffee. Espresso is probably the most popular type in Italy. So when you go into the bar and order a cup of coffee without saying anything else, the waiter will understand that Espresso. Italy has a lot of delicious coffees, but I’m afraid to tell you right now. Go home and find out more.

At the end of the delicious seafood meal that day, he asked if we would like to use dessert coffee. I teased him:

– Cappuccino?

– Nope, Espresso.

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