Go through the special years

Today is a 3-year anniversary from the first day I started studying abroad. I want to write something but feel helpless because poor language is not enough to convert emotions into narrative lines. What an unpleasant feeling …

For my own family, in the old days, they still keep the habit of waiting until the full moon day of the month, the whole family gathers, before the ceremony to worship ancestors and then crowds. And just wait until the right time to worship the full moon, I go back to my mother’s side with the pot of hot black bean tea, the youngest guy To the third with the phoenix flower hyacinth and the paper clothes. The whole family took care of all the full-moon offerings, followed by carrying the bamboo basket to the front of the yard and sitting and talking to each other. Which is what he will get to build a house for his son Nam, or build a kitchen for Mrs. Nghia with a stove to make wine. And my mother will plant another pole of laksa leaves and a bunch of cucumber after the garden, then the story of me and youngest Sang entering another semester, my sister’s lanterns pass every moon season … How much is it, but It is enough to feel the friendship under the warm moonlight.

The old moon seasons have drifted away, I am now growing up, confident enough to find myself a path of commitment, hope. In my life, I often buckled, drifting along the flow of time. However, whenever I came to the full moon, I looked up to the sky and waited for the new moon to come, taking some time to reflect on, thinking about my childhood … By only those tiny moments I just had to follow the moon on the full moon and return to my love in the distant days!

3 years is not long nor short.

For the past 3 years, I have been traveling more than I have learned, finding myself too lucky to have many opportunities to travel around the world.

3 years, I learned a bit of professional knowledge and quite a lot of social, cultural, geographic and historical knowledge. I can say that I am a slightly different person because the first priority when studying abroad is not professional knowledge, not the degree.

3 years, I have many great friends. There are international friends who are now half a mile away from me. I wonder if we’ll be lucky to meet again one more time in this life?

Long time ago I read a very good saying by someone who does not remember the name, meaning that this life is extremely interesting because we do not know what our future will be. So why do I sometimes wonder how many moon seasons I still have in my country?

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