Cultural behavior…

I have a habit of studying on the top floor of the high school building. There is a very wide view that often gives me a sense of excitement to learn more than other places in the school. There is also a small kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, several sets of dishes and microwave ovens that should be the ideal place for many groups of students to gather for lunch. Normally, I have a habit of having lunch at around 12:00 – 12.30, but every day I go here to study half an hour to an hour because … some of the Chinese guys. The thing is like this.

Like squeezing lemon, a group of Chinese students at around 1:00 am began to land here, flooding into the reheat kitchen, then rushed out to put together tables and chairs to sit together. Saying no to you like storms, going so loudly there, making the quiet self-study room become extremely lively. Thinking that it would be better to lose focus, torture the eardrum at mealtime, than when I ate, I also ate. Strangely, at the same time, there are usually three other groups of students (ie, other nationalities) but none of them “speak loudly” like their Chinese friends.

I know a brother who is in the same school. It included its class of hundreds of students but half were Chinese. Chinese friends often play with each other but not interact with international students. So every break is a class like a Chinese market. Other foreign students had to go out and talk, resting for their mind. Sitting in class just got annoyed. Chinese students in particular and Chinese people in general are hated by that ungainly noise. Going to the bus and meeting the Chinese team, I often walked upstairs to avoid being “thrown”, although sitting on it was a bit dizzy.

In fact, people also have to think about me. When I was new to foreign countries, I was still familiar with Vietnamese style, so I often spoke loudly in crowded places. Once I went to the supermarket with Huong, I told her from the beginning to the other end that she was embarrassed with the people around her. She has lived abroad for many years, so she knows how to behave in public. The sympathy for me who just arrived in the West could not catch up immediately, she approached me very well. Gradually I fixed my bad habit.

Be a civilized person, say a little smile, apologize and thank you often on the lips whenever you go out (even in Vietnam, to travel to the Western Countries without any error and lossing translation like me).

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