Artists on the streets around the European

Have you ever walked across a corner of a European street, overheard the sound of a street artist, then threw them a sympathetic look. or “Can I earn € 10 all day?” This article will probably show you more talented, make more money than you imagine.

It may sound strange, but in many places street artists need to have a license, buy insurance, pay personal income tax like many other ordinary workers. Luellen Abdoo, a violinist in New York, shares anyone who wants to perform money in public places and must pass auditions. The audition days have quite a lot of artists involved, like a competition … American Idol is so small. Similarly, in Paris every year, 2,000 people auditioned, but only 400 were licensed to perform at subway stations, and the number in London was 200. However, in some small cities this regulation To be more relaxed, for example Hull and Oxford only required artists to register with the city council, Southampton allowed to perform in certain areas and Cambridge, Norwich and York allowed free performances. Usually after passing the “parking lot”, a New York artist must pay $ 500 / year or $ 50 / month for the performance license, $ 200-300 / year for insurance against injury. watch or pedestrians as well as protect their “rice rod”. Yet, the basic expenses have not yet expired. If you are observant, you will realize that street artists can wear cheap clothes, but the living instruments must definitely be genuine. Leon, a guitarist who used to play in Edinburgh, used a £ 500 guitar, or New York street musician James Graseck, using the expensive guitar Luiz Bellini (the price of a thousand dollar unit).

In October 2011, I visited Dusseldorf. Because Japanese people are very crowded in Dusseldorf, this is considered their capital in Germany in particular and Europe in general. The time I visited the city coincided with the Japanese festival, so visitors flocked to the crowds. I still remember that afternoon when I was drinking beer in a street stall in the old town, I heard hip-hop music coming from the middle of the intersection not far from my seat. The crowd of a hundred people gathered in a big circle, so it was forever to discover that there was a street dance group performing. Honestly, I don’t know how good or bad they dance, but it must be great because the viewer continuously throws a coin into the aluminum basin creating jingling sounds that are very pleasant. At the end of the “number” of short performances about 10-15 minutes, all walkers enthusiastically applauded, some people even screamed out very excited things. Aluminum pots then receive a rain of money. I did not sit close but could hear the sound of a metal clattering like a rain hitting the roof, very fast, strong and thick. The dancers had a very successful performance.

Actually, the days of “bonus rain” are the same as those on the fingertips, usually on festivals or Christmas. Normally an artist in San Francisco earns $ 82 / day, making up for the bad days not enough to spend. And Leon, who had the £ 500 guitar mentioned above, earned £ 70, a candy bar, a condom and a free meal coupon one night in Edinburgh. He was quite satisfied with the money he earned.

Since then, street artists have become an indispensable part of culture in many Western countries. They make a living by talent, beautify their lives, and maybe they are dreaming of becoming a big star in the future. Did you know Justin Bieber – the famous Canadian singer, or Benjamin Franklin – who appeared on $ 100 bills went to the top of his career from the street?

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