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I read Baird T. Spalding’s “Journey to the East,” there’s a passage saying that this earth exists like a miracle, in a condition where the probability of occurrence is the smallest set of all. other smallest ratio. I can describe this in a more understandable way, sort of like this existence of the earth is a fat giant balancing on a tiny, towering rod, a pulse smaller than the sound. breathing is enough to make him fall back, but he’s still calm there, hundreds of millions of years ago. That happened, as a strange miracle that ignored all common logic. As an arrangement.

I can pretend to be a very talkative girlfriend in a chat (even though I’m not a woman, and I’m not very talkative) to advise my friend on a “standard” advice, that I forget about it. This guy goes, open my heart to receive some other guys from the wasted time of youth, because that person is worth to be good to them. Or rather, find a way to teach him a lesson about how to treat women and their love. But of course, I didn’t do that. I have no right to do so.

I know that what you are doing is perfectly logical, even if she suffers from death to relive in a hopeless love, it is still a must. Gratitude is paid, debt is payable, no matter what life’s debt.

Not all of a sudden I realized that I fell in love with a stranger just by a single look. Nor does it suddenly become a morning when I wake up, I feel that I don’t have any love for people, but just yesterday I thought I could die for them. Duyen is also a debt, born to be in debt of other past lives, and began to settle for the next lives.

We, our present, are only the result of the past and at the same time the cause of the future. It is only a moment now, playing a very small role in infinite time series. For that reason, it is always predetermined. In Buddhism it is called karma, ie Karma, which is cause and effect.

And I call it simpler than predestined. I believe every relationship between people is the word “predestined”. There is a predestined relationship, then it will be later. Lack of charm, then turned out to play and chase. In this universe, nothing can be lost, even if it is just a drop. The tears are dry, and when it reaches the sky, it will turn into clouds, the clouds will go to the sea, go to the mountains, the river will be able to make rain. But if you are lucky enough, the rain may return to the corners of your eyes. Probability is small but not impossible. Our earth also exists that way.

By the same conditions, I believe we can never live someone else’s life, not simply saying that if I were in that position, would not do / not choose / not behave like that. For simplicity, you are not them. You cannot know what they are of the present as a result of what was in the past, of which predestined fate.

The previous life I did not understand, did not see, but did not have enough knowledge about. But each of us, I believe, is definitely the result of the past. As a result of the results, many other results.

That is, if you love someone so much that she cannot explain it, it is because she has no way to turn back to see the predestined conditions before, such as the answer that the problem has lost long ago. It is not that it is not worth it.

Everything in the world is worth happening, everyone who meets is the one who needs to meet. Every human relationship with man is because of predestined conditions. But when conditions arise, once they are born, they will never stop, but run around chasing like a search.

As tears have turned to rain to find the corners of the eyes, sometimes, people have no longer ..

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